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Plonka Trivia of the Day, Friday June 05, 2009
The British and Australians use the term "plonka" as derrogatory slang. For example, they might say "What a plonka!" in disgust referring to an inept and annoying person. It means, roughly, a very stupid person. This appears to be a variation of the more common term plonker, which is used likewise.
This use seems to have been popularized by the popular British television sitcom "Only Fools and Horses" (c. 1981 through 1992), in which the main character Derek "Del Boy" Trotter often referred to his daft brother Rodney as "a right plonker".
source: many Internet news postings and occasional personal emails from astonished Brits asking if my name is really plonka ;^), e.g. http://www.pissedasafart.com/Juine2002.htm, http://www.thegreycouncil.demon.co.uk/pl_cover.html

Welcome to plonka.us, pronounced "plonka dot yŁ es".
This U.S. web site is devoted to the Plonka family surname and whatever else Dave wants to put here.

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While Rome wasn't built in a day, this web site pretty much was.
It went "live" January 1, 2003, and is in its infancy. Feel free to let me know if you found it interesting.
Dave Plonka

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