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Geographical Distribution of Plonkas in the Continental U.S.

U.S. Geographical Distribution of Plonkas
U.S. Geographical Distribution of Plonkas

This is a map showing the approximate locations of Plonka residences in the United States. The red dotted locations are based upon the mailing addresses listed in publicly available Internet phone books. As of December 2002, there were 171 Plonka surname address locations. I first produced a map like this in 1997, then again in 2000, and it has changed very little.

Note the concentrations of Plonkas near Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. In the early 1900s, Chicago and Detroit were common destinations for European immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island and then made the trip by water through the St. Lawrence to the industrial centers of the great lakes.

U.S. Plonka Residences, Top 10 States
U.S. Plonka Residences, Top 10 States

I produced the map with big help from http://tiger.census.gov, using addresses glommed from http://people.yahoo.com/, then used http://maps.yahoo.com/ to get the latitude and longitude values in this file. Lastly, I cropped it then used "giftopnm |ppmtogif -transparent rgb:7f/af/ff" to make the background/water transparent.

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