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Social Security Death Index

U.S. Geographical Distribution of Plonkas

The following information was obtained from the Social Security Death Index provided by RootsWeb, Saturday December 28, 2002. I have included it here, sorted by name, as an aid to those looking for American Plonka ancestors that may have passed away.

NameBirthDeathLast ResidenceLast BenefitSSNIssued
AGNES PLONKA 20 Jan 1894Dec 197010019 (New York, New York, NY)(none specified)099-26-9330New York
ALBIN PLONKA 25 Feb 1914Jul 198432671 (Florida)(none specified)028-18-6002Massachusetts
ALBIN S PLONKA 25 Nov 191330 Mar 1997 (V)48126 (Dearborn, Wayne, MI)(none specified)373-05-8595Michigan
ALEXANDER PLONKA 15 Jun 192516 Feb 2002 (V)60401 (Beecher, Will, IL)(none specified)346-12-2828Illinois
ALFONS PLONKA 22 Aug 1904Mar 1954(not specified)(none specified)393-10-7871Wisconsin
ALFRED S PLONKA 05 Nov 192005 Sep 1991(not specified)(none specified)156-12-9965New Jersey
ALICE PLONKA 02 Oct 1916May 198048062 (Richmond, Macomb, MI)(none specified)374-01-3243Michigan
ALVIN V PLONKA 22 Oct 192603 Apr 1999 (V)48081 (Saint Clair Shores, Macomb, MI)(none specified)367-30-7543Michigan
ALVINA PLONKA 04 Aug 1900Feb 198548236 (Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI)(none specified)374-36-4230Michigan
ANDREW PLONKA 11 Nov 1914Aug 197660516 (Downers Grove, Du Page, IL)(none specified)352-07-3824Illinois
ANDREW PLONKA 13 Aug 1882Apr 198248209 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)48209 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)373-10-7154Michigan
ANDREW J PLONKA 14 Sep 191821 Mar 1997 (V)48124 (Dearborn, Wayne, MI)(none specified)362-18-2382Michigan
ANDREW J PLONKA 23 Jan 195129 Mar 1999(FO)(none specified)100-66-0984New York
ANGELINE PLONKA 09 Jul 1912May 197816105 (New Castle, Lawrence, PA)(none specified)186-52-6841Pennsylvania
ANNA C PLONKA 03 Dec 1903Mar 199148195 (Southgate, Wayne, MI)(none specified)362-07-0751Michigan
ANNA S PLONKA 12 Feb 1910Oct 199502764 (North Dighton, Bristol, MA)02764 (North Dighton, Bristol, MA)014-09-4253Massachusetts
ANNE D PLONKA 18 Oct 191124 May 2002 (P)16101 (New Castle, Lawrence, PA)(none specified)190-28-6083Pennsylvania
ANTHONY PLONKA 07 Dec 1911Feb 198107306 (Jersey City, Hudson, NJ)(none specified)139-16-9809New Jersey
ANTHONY J PLONKA 16 Dec 191104 Dec 1998 (V)94086 (Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, CA)(none specified)335-10-8494Illinois
APOLONIA PLONKA 18 Oct 190427 May 198853207 (Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI)(none specified)397-44-3271Wisconsin
BEN PLONKA 05 Jul 193019 Feb 2002 (V) 908 (PE)(none specified)330-44-9874Illinois
BRUNO PLONKA 26 Jun 1908Mar 198133712 (Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, FL)(none specified)059-10-7661New York
CARL J PLONKA 25 Jul 192529 Nov 199248122 (Melvindale, Wayne, MI)(none specified)386-22-7068Michigan
CAROLINE PLONKA 02 Jul 1885Apr 196860630 (Chicago, Cook, IL)(none specified)349-46-5627Illinois
CHARLES PLONKA 17 Jan 1892Apr 197748210 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)(none specified)374-09-1576Michigan
CHESTER P PLONKA 06 Oct 192203 Sep 199235803 (Huntsville, Madison, AL)(none specified)284-16-0058Ohio
CLARA PLONKA 10 Aug 1915Jun 198148122 (Melvindale, Wayne, MI)48228 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)381-10-5801Michigan
CLARENCE PLONKA 11 Sep 1929Apr 1974(not specified)(none specified)349-22-9245Illinois
CONRAD PLONKA 28 Sep 1908Apr 198260062 (Northbrook, Cook, IL)60062 (Northbrook, Cook, IL)356-28-5855Illinois
E PLONKA 04 Oct 1940Oct 199360482 (Worth, Cook, IL)(none specified)335-32-5589Illinois
EDWARD PLONKA 05 Feb 1922Nov 198360643 (Chicago, Cook, IL)60658353-40-6189Illinois
EDWARD PLONKA 06 May 1921Dec 198663043 (Maryland Heights, Saint Louis, MO)(none specified)332-18-6052Illinois
EDWARD PLONKA 27 May 1921Sep 1973(not specified)(none specified)356-03-0484Illinois
ELEANOR K PLONKA 07 Oct 191918 Nov 2002 (V)48228 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)(none specified)378-16-9703Michigan
ELKA PLONKA 31 Jan 191505 Feb 198860515 (Downers Grove, Du Page, IL)(none specified)338-10-9734Illinois
EMIL PLONKA 15 Dec 1911Jun 197911211 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)11222 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)152-38-9245New Jersey
ETHEL C PLONKA 07 Jun 193231 Jul 199554303 (Green Bay, Brown, WI)54303 (Green Bay, Brown, WI)398-28-9879Wisconsin
EUGENE R PLONKA 11 Jul 1930Sep 1991(not specified)(none specified)391-28-4896Wisconsin
EUGENIA PLONKA 13 Jun 192019 Jul 2002 (V) 908 (PE)(none specified)333-56-7491Illinois
FRANCIS PLONKA 17 Sep 1911Sep 1972(not specified)(none specified)039-10-3243Rhode Island
FRANK PLONKA 03 Jul 1900Sep 197748080 (Saint Clair Shores, Macomb, MI)(none specified)370-28-7105Michigan
FRANK PLONKA 08 Dec 1918Oct 1979(not specified)16101 (New Castle, Lawrence, PA)171-14-2841Pennsylvania
FRANK PLONKA 16 Jan 1902Nov 197812590 (Wappingers Falls, Dutchess, NY)12590 (Wappingers Falls, Dutchess, NY)073-01-0543New York
FRANK PLONKA 19 Mar 1891Dec 1965(New York)(none specified)095-05-6011New York
FRANK PLONKA 19 Mar 193122 May 199448125 (Dearborn Heights, Wayne, MI)(none specified)376-30-4577Michigan
FRANK PLONKA 29 Mar 1919Feb 197348209 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)(none specified)383-07-2624Michigan
FRANK PLONKA 31 Dec 1885Jun 196848087 (Michigan)(none specified)386-05-0680Michigan
FRANK J PLONKA 09 Aug 190929 Jun 1990(not specified)(none specified)363-07-6211Michigan
FREDERICK PLONKA 10 Jun 1920Oct 198502864 (Cumberland, Providence, RI)(none specified)039-03-7675Rhode Island
FREDERICK L PLONKA 15 Mar 192026 Mar 2001 (V)60706 (PE)(none specified)323-14-5974Illinois
GERALD PLONKA 27 Jan 1949Aug 1972(not specified)(none specified)338-42-2090Illinois
GERALD D PLONKA 26 Apr 193314 Sep 2000 (V)54529 (Harshaw, Oneida, WI)(none specified)390-30-9985Wisconsin
GERARD PLONKA 15 Sep 191326 Mar 1998 (V)48310 (Sterling Heights, Macomb, MI)(none specified)366-48-2387Michigan
GERTRUDE P PLONKA 06 Dec 192001 Sep 1997 (V)48124 (Dearborn, Wayne, MI)(none specified)377-14-6912Michigan
GREGORY P PLONKA 20 Feb 196521 Jul 1996 (V)60446 (Romeoville, Will, IL)(none specified)319-58-4234Illinois
HARRY J PLONKA 01 Apr 191914 Nov 1998 (V)48210 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)(none specified)378-12-6275Michigan
HELENE PLONKA 04 Jan 190827 Jun 198892343 (not specified)(none specified)226-48-3999Virginia
HENRY PLONKA 23 Nov 1902Oct 197606450 (Meriden, New Haven, CT)(none specified)044-26-8254Connecticut
HENRY A PLONKA 16 Nov 192001 Apr 1999 (P)16105 (New Castle, Lawrence, PA)(none specified)163-12-4033Pennsylvania
HENRY J PLONKA 25 May 191913 Jun 1998 (V)60647 (Chicago, Cook, IL)(none specified)353-09-8698Illinois
IRENE D PLONKA 05 Dec 191724 Mar 1989(not specified)(none specified)317-05-5808Indiana
IRENE M PLONKA 30 Jul 192708 Jun 199060559 (Westmont, Du Page, IL)(none specified)353-20-9142Illinois
JAMES PLONKA 30 Nov 1929Oct 197848146 (Lincoln Park, Wayne, MI)48195 (Southgate, Wayne, MI)377-26-2020Michigan
JAMES F PLONKA 28 May 194418 Aug 2002 (V)60659 (Chicago, Cook, IL)(none specified)329-36-5000Illinois
JANE PLONKA 14 Jun 190925 May 1990(not specified)(none specified)395-01-6436Wisconsin
JANINA PLONKA 12 Jul 191014 Sep 1999 (V)10021 (New York, New York, NY)(none specified)147-38-9850New Jersey
JESS P PLONKA 30 Jun 191728 Feb 1998 (V)16105 (New Castle, Lawrence, PA)(none specified)172-09-5146Pennsylvania
JOHN PLONKA 09 May 1922Sep 197860439 (Lemont, Du Page, IL)(none specified)332-18-9179Illinois
JOHN PLONKA 10 Feb 1918May 198149615 (Bellaire, Antrim, MI)49615 (Bellaire, Antrim, MI)375-01-3079Michigan
JOHN PLONKA 14 Dec 1912Nov 197448128 (Dearborn, Wayne, MI)(none specified)372-05-8639Michigan
JOHN PLONKA 15 Aug 1916May 1976(not specified)(none specified)168-10-3752Pennsylvania
JOHN PLONKA 16 Jun 1894Apr 196960632 (Chicago, Cook, IL)(none specified)321-05-4179Illinois
JOHN PLONKA 21 Dec 1921Sep 1974(not specified)(none specified)122-09-1364New York
JOHN PLONKA 24 Jun 1878Jan 197015001 (Aliquippa, Beaver, PA)(none specified)168-10-7326Pennsylvania
JOHN PLONKA 30 Aug 1889Nov 1962(Michigan)(none specified)337-03-7880Illinois
JOHN F PLONKA 30 Jan 191215 Nov 198948209 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)(none specified)367-09-5469Michigan
JOHN S PLONKA 07 Apr 191525 May 198948045 (Harrison Township, Macomb, MI)(none specified)374-01-7455Michigan
JOSEPH PLONKA 04 Sep 1884Sep 197148180 (Taylor, Wayne, MI)(none specified)377-10-9492Michigan
JOSEPH PLONKA 07 Mar 191628 Sep 2000 (V)53959 (Reedsburg, Sauk, WI)(none specified)338-01-2362Illinois
JOSEPH PLONKA 11 Jan 1888May 197502863 (Central Falls, Providence, RI)(none specified)038-10-0540Rhode Island
JOSEPH PLONKA 11 Jul 1888Oct 198148228 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)(none specified)374-09-1575Michigan
JOSEPH PLONKA 14 Mar 1917Dec 1979(not specified)(none specified)352-07-5501Illinois
JOSEPH PLONKA 20 May 1885Oct 196746366 (North Judson, Starke, IN)(none specified)323-03-3145Illinois
JOSEPH J PLONKA 28 Dec 190410 Aug 198949221 (Adrian, Lenawee, MI)(none specified)377-05-5029Michigan
JOSEPH J PLONKA 31 Oct 195003 Apr 199515061 (Monaca, Beaver, PA)(none specified)191-42-0662Pennsylvania
JOSEPH L PLONKA 01 Jul 191519 Apr 2001 (V)48124 (Dearborn, Wayne, MI)(none specified)172-09-9479Pennsylvania
JOSEPH T PLONKA 30 Jul 191218 May 2001 (V)02780 (Taunton, Bristol, MA)(none specified)017-03-0424Massachusetts
JOSEPHINE PLONKA 29 May 1898Jan 198407111 (Irvington, Essex, NJ)(none specified)139-44-5790New Jersey
JULIA PLONKA 14 Feb 1890Jun 196948091 (Warren, Macomb, MI)(none specified)384-05-3131Michigan
JULIA E PLONKA 16 Dec 192604 Oct 2002 (V)48122 (Melvindale, Wayne, MI)(none specified)378-24-0725Michigan
JULIUS PLONKA 27 Dec 1909Jun 197846619 (South Bend, St Joseph, IN)46619 (South Bend, St Joseph, IN)307-09-9865Indiana
KAROL PLONKA 10 Feb 1910Mar 1967(not specified)(none specified)385-12-8368Michigan
LENA PLONKA 28 Jun 1920Jan 199460641 (Chicago, Cook, IL)(none specified)314-20-7322Indiana
LEONARD PLONKA 21 Apr 1933Apr 198360609 (Chicago, Cook, IL)(none specified)335-28-0916Illinois
LEONARD C PLONKA 17 Jun 192512 Dec 1990(not specified)(none specified)360-18-2216Illinois
LEONARD J PLONKA 10 Jun 192707 May 1991 (V)54303 (Green Bay, Brown, WI)54303 (Green Bay, Brown, WI)350-20-1965Illinois
LEOPOLDINE PLONKA 01 Nov 1900Sep 197506450 (Meriden, New Haven, CT)(none specified)041-58-4891Connecticut
LILLIAN PLONKA 09 Aug 1918Jan 198660516 (Downers Grove, Du Page, IL)(none specified)360-01-9506Illinois
LILLIAN PLONKA 10 Jun 1921Jul 198815618 (Avonmore, Westmoreland, PA)(none specified)160-34-4540Pennsylvania
LISA PLONKA 10 May 1973Mar 198112986 (Tupper Lake, Franklin, NY)(none specified)081-60-5504New York
LORRAINE C PLONKA 03 Jan 1928Oct 199460638 (Chicago, Cook, IL)54303 (Green Bay, Brown, WI)346-20-0686Illinois
LOUIS J PLONKA 09 Jul 191808 Nov 199260647 (Chicago, Cook, IL)(none specified)320-09-2142Illinois
LULA PLONKA 09 Jan 1909Jan 1990(not specified)(none specified)338-22-7685Illinois
M C PLONKA 20 May 1952Jan 1992(not specified)(none specified)078-44-9156New York
MADGE PLONKA 29 Jul 191713 Sep 199516101 (New Castle, Lawrence, PA)(none specified)176-14-8650Pennsylvania
MARA PLONKA 28 Aug 192010 Aug 1991(not specified)(none specified)376-30-6707Michigan
MARCIN PLONKA 12 Oct 1914Mar 198514215 (Buffalo, Erie, NY)(none specified)063-28-6250New York
MARGARET PLONKA 05 Mar 191715 Jun 2000 (V)48843 (Howell, Livingston, MI)(none specified)369-46-6093Michigan
MARGARET T PLONKA 26 Jul 192402 May 1999 (P)16101 (New Castle, Lawrence, PA)16101 (New Castle, Lawrence, PA)196-16-6385Pennsylvania
MARIE V PLONKA 15 Mar 191310 Jun 2000 (V)60062 (Northbrook, Cook, IL)(none specified)356-28-5854Illinois
MARK PLONKA 06 Aug 1956May 1980(not specified)48125 (Dearborn Heights, Wayne, MI)375-66-9168Michigan
MARTIN E PLONKA 11 Oct 195326 Oct 1997 (P)(72)(none specified)068-50-1365New York
MARVIN C PLONKA 13 Jul 192113 Sep 1998 (V)60559 (Westmont, Du Page, IL)(none specified)320-12-7678Illinois
MARY PLONKA 15 Nov 1893Nov 197602895 (Woonsocket, Providence, RI)(none specified)021-03-2885Massachusetts
MARY PLONKA 20 Jun 1893Aug 198063044 (Bridgeton, Saint Louis, MO)(none specified)348-20-4550Illinois
MARY T PLONKA 31 Mar 1911Dec 1991(not specified)(none specified)363-10-5777Michigan
MATT J PLONKA 05 May 191704 Oct 1999 (V)15001 (Aliquippa, Beaver, PA)(none specified)168-10-4498Pennsylvania
MATTHEW PLONKA 27 Oct 1923Nov 1983(not specified)07026 (Garfield, Bergen, NJ)146-16-4955New Jersey
MATTHEW E PLONKA 26 Oct 197923 Jun 2000 (P)(72)(none specified)326-76-2812Illinois
MITCHELL PLONKA 19 Nov 1916Mar 1970(not specified)(none specified)033-05-7863Massachusetts
NELLIE PLONKA 14 Apr 1883Apr 197515001 (Aliquippa, Beaver, PA)(none specified)165-50-5319Pennsylvania
PHOEBE PLONKA 20 Oct 190513 Sep 1990(not specified)(none specified)264-41-7949Florida
RICHARD R PLONKA 11 Feb 193815 Aug 1988 (V)60657 (Chicago, Cook, IL)(none specified)329-30-9032Illinois
ROSE PLONKA 05 Mar 1897Oct 198648210 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)(none specified)362-09-3213Michigan
ROSE PLONKA 28 Aug 1907Nov 198408505 (Bordentown, Burlington, NJ)(none specified)152-12-6903New Jersey
ROSE PLONKA 28 May 192328 Apr 1997 (V)14215 (Buffalo, Erie, NY)(none specified)132-26-0124New York
SOPHIE PLONKA 18 May 192703 Oct 198907026 (Garfield, Bergen, NJ)07026 (Garfield, Bergen, NJ)136-20-8203New Jersey
STANLEY PLONKA 06 Feb 1921Feb 1978(not specified)16105 (New Castle, Lawrence, PA)182-14-6210Pennsylvania
STANLEY PLONKA 10 Oct 1910Feb 198207057 (Wallington, Bergen, NJ)07057 (Wallington, Bergen, NJ)109-30-1336New York
STANLEY PLONKA 20 Jun 1891May 197607111 (Irvington, Essex, NJ)(none specified)137-01-2236New Jersey
STANLEY PLONKA 23 Jan 1895Jan 1992(not specified)(none specified)364-54-4827Michigan
STEFANIA PLONKA 11 Jun 1903Feb 198448212 (Hamtramck, Wayne, MI)(none specified)386-14-2414Michigan
STEFANIA PLONKA 29 Aug 1890Dec 197960639 (Chicago, Cook, IL)60639 (Chicago, Cook, IL)330-14-3083Illinois
STELLA PLONKA 04 Sep 191031 Jan 2001 (V)48209 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)(none specified)364-01-0219Michigan
STELLA PLONKA 05 Oct 1917Jul 1972(not specified)(none specified)382-20-7172Michigan
STELLA PLONKA 24 Dec 1894Apr 197554724 (Bloomer, Chippewa, WI)(none specified)335-16-7515Illinois
STEPHANIE PLONKA 29 Sep 1916Jan 198248122 (Melvindale, Wayne, MI)(none specified)385-05-1472Michigan
STEPHEN PLONKA 24 Dec 190914 Nov 1991(not specified)(none specified)171-26-0661Pennsylvania
STEPHEN PLONKA Dec 0000Jul 1961(not specified)(none specified)393-22-4270Wisconsin
STEVE A PLONKA 15 Jan 192230 Oct 1991(not specified)(none specified)381-14-0601Michigan
TILLIE PLONKA 03 Aug 1887Aug 198648209 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)(none specified)365-03-9271Michigan
VINCENT PLONKA 24 May 1921Feb 1967(not specified)(none specified)374-18-9644Michigan
WALENTY PLONKA 14 Feb 1895Mar 197260401 (Beecher, Will, IL)(none specified)339-10-3482Illinois
WALENTY PLONKA 20 Feb 1890Aug 196748214 (Detroit, Wayne, MI)(none specified)386-05-7827Michigan
WALENTY PLONKA 25 Dec 1887May 197360641 (Chicago, Cook, IL)(none specified)318-10-5927Illinois
WALTER PLONKA 05 Aug 1905May 1967(not specified)(none specified)172-09-9891Pennsylvania
WALTER PLONKA 06 Jul 1913Sep 198615009 (Beaver, Beaver, PA)(none specified)168-10-8353Pennsylvania
WALTER PLONKA 10 Dec 1923Nov 198602715 (Dighton, Bristol, MA)(none specified)025-16-8857Massachusetts
WALTER PLONKA 19 Jun 1912Oct 197448126 (Dearborn, Wayne, MI)(none specified)362-10-8479Michigan
WALTER A PLONKA 13 Jun 191804 Dec 1989(not specified)(none specified)323-16-9046Illinois
WALTER A PLONKA 24 Jul 191726 Apr 199502780 (Taunton, Bristol, MA)(none specified)017-03-0657Massachusetts
WANDA M PLONKA 07 Sep 192024 Jan 1999 (V)48126 (Dearborn, Wayne, MI)(none specified)374-14-0825Michigan
WILLIAM PLONKA 12 Jun 1917Oct 1967(not specified)(none specified)106-01-8381New York
ZOFIA PLONKA 18 Mar 1891Mar 198213440 (Rome, Oneida, NY)(none specified)130-40-2889New York

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